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XS XTI2 Offset Iron Sights With Bright Orange Front Sight and White Stripe Adjustable Rear Sight Picatinny Rail Mount Steel Matte Black

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Part Number: RSRXSSAR-0008-1N
UPC: 647533046572
Brand: XS Sights
XS DXT2 Big Dot Tritium Night Sights offer the best front sight visibility in all lighting conditions. DXT2 Big Dot sights drive focus to the front sight using a high-contrast front and a V-notch rear for an unobstructed view of the front sight...
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XS XTI2 sights are a close-quarters, secondary sighting solution for a fast sight transition from a magnified primary optic. XTI2 sights reduce target engagement time and eliminate magnification adjustment. Our second generation XTIs feature taller bases for easy sight alignment, without having to break a standard cheek weld. Additionally, the base angle has been increased to accommodate wider lens optics. The front sight measures 0.140" wide and now feature an Orange Ember Glow Dot. The straight-line express sight picture makes XTI2s ideal for rapid sight acquisition and close target shooting.XTI2 express sights are ideal for 3-gun competitions. Most matches take place during the day and have stages in vehicles and other settings that reduce ambient light or present backlighting issues. Our Ember orange dot provides a high-contrast front sight in bright light and is instantly charged from the suns UV rays, glowing in shadows and low light settings such as vehicles. XTI2 sight sets are mounted in front of the optic to reduce snagging gear on chest rigs. 3-gun matches cover distances from short to long distances. XTI2 sights are pistol sights designed for pistol length distances where magnified optics make target identification more difficult.XTI2 sights ship with thread locker and a front sight adjustment tool. The rear sight is installed, but not sealed to base to allow for easy windage adjustment. Thread locker will need to be applied after the rifle is zeroed.

Features :
  • High-Contrast Color Front Sight - Highly visible orange for bright light shooting
  • Ember Glow Dot - Photoluminescent dot absorbs ambient light and glows in shadows and low light settings
  • Rear Sight Windage Adjustment - Rear sight is driftable allowing easy windage adjustability
  • Fully Ambidextrous - Front and rear sight can be rotated for left handed shooting
  • CNC Steel Iron Sights - Extremely durable for duty use
  • Life Time Warranty - No Questions Asked Sight Warranty
  • Easy Bolt on Installation - Top rail installation allows for fitment on all optic ready AR-15 rifles

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