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XS Sight Systems Ember Big Dot Orange Shotgun Requires 0.125" to 0.140" Diameter Bead With Mossberg Bead Front Sight

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Part Number: RSRXSSSG-2005-2N
UPC: 647533046343
Brand: XS Sights
XS Ember Big Dot offers superior front sight visibility in all lighting conditions. Upgrade a home-defense shotgun to a high-contrast front sight that absorbs light and glows in less than ideal conditions. Optic Orange is designed to offer a high-contrast sight picture when shooting in bright light conditions and maintain its visibility in decreasing light levels...
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XS Sights Systems Shotgun sights are a crucial addition to any defensive shotgun. Utilizing a better front sight set up on your defensive shotgun can provide you with a distinct tactical advantage in any lighting condition. The sight will absorb ambient light during the day in order to store up to use at night or when transitioning to low light tactical situation. To ensure visibility in low light when uncharged the optics orange is primarily based on yellow with a hint of red. Moreover the increased surface area of the convex dot increases light absorption, intensifying the charge of the glow properties of the dot.

  • XS Sight Systems SG-2005-2N
  • Ember Big Dot Front Sight
  • Orange
  • Improves Sight Acquisition
  • High Contrast Sight Picture
  • Great in Bright and Low Light Conditions
  • Absorbs Ambient Light to Charge
  • Epoxies over existing front bead
  • Easy Installation
  • Metal Housing
  • Matte Black Metal Finish
  • Ember Big Dot Orange Bead Sight
  • Replacement Bead for Mossberg Shotguns
  • Shotgun Front Bead Sight with a Diameter of 0.125" to 0.140"
  • If your bead is not in that range then Either #6 or #26 aftermarket beads are recommended.
Note: Installs with any two-part epoxy like JB Weld and only works as a stand alone sight it will not work in conjunction with any ghost ring sight solution.

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