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XS Sight Systems Big Dot Tritium Orange S&W Bodyguard 38 Models Front Sight Only Matte Black

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Part Number: RSRXSSSW-0038S-3N
UPC: 647533000727
Brand: XS Sights
Xs Sights Big Dot, Tritium Night Sight, Orange Front, Fits S&w Bodyguard 38 Revolver Sw-0038s-3n Model: Big Dot Product Type: Night Sight Fit: Fits S&W Bodyguard 38 Revolver
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XS Sights Systems pistol sights are a crucial addition to any defensive pistol. Utilizing a better front sight set up on your defensive pistol can provide you with a distinct tactical advantage in any lighting condition. The sight will absorb ambient light during the day in order to store up to use at night or when transitioning to low light tactical situation. Moreover the increased surface area of the convex dot increases light absorption, intensifying the charge of the glow properties of the dot.

  • XS Sight Systems SW-0038S-3N
  • Ember Big Dot Front Sight
  • Orange
  • Improves Sight Acquisition
  • High Contrast Sight Picture
  • Great in Bright and Low Light Conditions
  • Absorbs Ambient Light to Charge
  • Epoxies over existing front bead
  • Easy Installation
  • Metal Housing
  • Matte Black Metal Finish
  • New Retaining Pin
  • Thread Locker
  • Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 38 with one retaining pin
Note: Installation might require filing to fit sight to frame, pin hole pre-drilled in sight.

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