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Vltor IMOD Improved Modstock Mil-Spec Standard Tan with Battery Storage and Butt Pad, AR-15

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Brand: VLTOR
Designed from lessons taken from the modern battlefield, the IMOD stock provides a highly practical and functional design. In addition, the stock is constructed from the finest materials, making it capable of withstanding the most rugged demands. Features : FDE/Tan finish, ,Mil-Spec IMOD, Standard design,, Rolled/angled buttpad, Waterproof side battery compartments, Fits AR-15
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The IMod is offered in the conventional, “Standard” configuration and the unconventional, “Clubfoot” configuration. Even though the Standard model is the most well-known model amongst the shooting public, the Clubfoot version is a hybrid model that bridges the gap between tactical and prone shooting positions. In other words, the Clubfoot portion of the stock allows the shooter, with his/her off hand, to support the stock and to control the rear of the weapon, while shooting in prone or rested position.

The improvements of the IMod are as follows:
Integral, but removable non-slip buttpad (color matched to stock components)
Rolled/angled buttpad toe with wide traction area. This will assist in running the stock high on shoulder, making the IMod system more user friendly when using web-gear and/or body armor.
Improved lock paddle, making it easier to operate and making the contact surface non-slip when operating the lever.
Removed most sharp edges that may cause “snag points” to web-gear or other vital equipment. Improved strength throughout construction of the stock chassis. This will provide maximum strength during “mortaring” or unexpected impact.

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