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Ultimate Survival Technologies StarFlash Micro Signal Mirror

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Part Number: RSRUST20-51170-101
UPC: 812713016007
Brand: UST - Ultimate Survival Technologies
Ac tool for camping, backpacking, and emergency preparedness, the lightweight UST StarFlash Micro Signal Mirror has a built-in precision aiming system for accurate signaling. In addition to using it for emergency signaling, its handy for personal grooming as well...
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When things go from bad to worse it is not the time to prepare for your survival. You need to plan ahead so that you and your loved ones are prepared for the very worst case scenario. With Ultimate Survival Technologies you have a one stop manufacturer that provides every imaginable piece of Survival Gear you could possibly need to survive natural and man made disasters. If Ultimate Survival Technologies does not make it, you probably don't need it.

Survival experts worldwide agree that no person should ever venture into the woods, travel off-road, get on board their boat or plane, or engage in any other outdoor activity without a signal mirror and a whistle.

This ultra light and compact version of the StarFlash signal mirror does not float, like the larger version.

Specifications and Features:
Special design allows aiming the signal flash with pinpoint accuracy for superior performance
Seaspray corrosion tested
Effective even on overcast days
Lanyard hole for attachment
Mirror Material: 100% Lexan polycarbonate
Mirrored surface: Vacuum deposition metalization
Targeting Star: retro-reflective fabric

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