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TruGlo Brite-Site Fiber Optic Sight Set for GLOCK 10mm/.357 SIG/.45 GAP and ACP Models 3 Dot Sights

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Part Number: RSRTG131G2
UPC: 788130080702
Brand: Truglo
TRUGLO fiber optics absorb and channel the existing ambient light to produce bright and precise aiming points. TRUGLO sights are the brightest aiming points in the industry. They give the shooter greater sight contrast for quicker sight alignment, better target acquisition and a clearer sight picture under all shooting conditions...
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TruGlo is excited to again offer a classic set of Fiber Optic gun sights for popular gun models. The Brite-Site Fiber Optic sight system comes in a set, with a front and rear sight. Each sight is built in a CNC machined steel housing providing protection for the fiber cables. The contrasting red front and green rear sight set allows for quick target acquisition and allows you to focus on the front sight easily. These sights will not sit too high which allow them to fit in the standard holsters which you may already be carrying your firearm in and the snag resistant design will ensure when you pull your firearm it won't hang up on the sights.

  • TruGlo TG131G2
  • Brite-Site Fiber Optic Sight Set
  • GLOCK High Set
  • Uses Traditional Fiber Optic Technology
  • 3 Dot Sight Configuration
  • Contrasting Red Fiber Optic Front Sight
  • Contrasting Green Fiber Optic Rear Sight
  • Concealed Fiber Optic (Can't Be Seen By Target)
  • Fiber Does Not Glow In Total Darkness
  • Fiber Pulls in Ambient Light In Order to Brighten Up the Sights
  • Fits Standard Holsters Easily
  • Snag Resistant Design
  • CNC Machined Steel Construction
  • Matte Black
  • GLOCK 10mm Auto G20/G29G40
  • GLOCK .45 ACP G21/G30G41
  • GLOCK .357 SIG G31/G32
  • GLOCK .45 GAP G37
Does NOT Fit:
  • GLOCK MOS Models
  • GLOCK G42/G43 Slimline Subcompact Models
Due to gun manufacturer's machining tolerances point of impact may differ slightly.

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