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TekMat Ruger 10/22 Gun Cleaning Mat Neoprene

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Part Number: RSRTEKR36-1022
UPC: 612409971364
Brand: TekMat
The TekMat has a soft thermoplastic fiber surface that will protect your firearm and wont stain from grease and oil. The neoprene rubber substrate gives TekMat the padding you need to keep your gun, as well as your kitchen table, safe from dings and scratches...
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When working on your trusty firearm having a proper surface is essential for protecting your firearm and your surface from damage, oil, or gunk and TekMat makes some of the best in the industry. The TekMat Armorers Bench Mat is an excellent accessory to take along to the range or field, as well as for after use care. With exceptional graphics and made of soft and durable neoprene the TekMat Armorers Bench Mat should be on your list of next purchases.

Ruger 10/22 Gun Cleaning Mat
1/8" Thick
Protects Your Work Area
Water Resistant, Oil Resistant

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