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Taran Tactical Innovations Ultimate Fiber Optic Sights RMR Cut Co-Witness Height Glock

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Part Number: RSRTTIGSSF-004
Brand: Taran Tactical Innovation
Taran Tactical Innovation Ultimate Red/Green Fiber Optic Sight Set, Fits Glock RMR Cut Co-Witness Height. Features : Includes red and green fiber optic rods, For RMR Cut Co-Witness Height Glocks
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The TTI Ultimate Fiber Optics Sights Set changes your factory Glock sights from adequate to exceptional! Sure, the factory sights will work, but when it is time to upgrade it is time to upgrade with sights designed by two of the best shooters in the world. The UFO Sights are designed to obtain the optimum sight picture and the brightest fiber optic front sight possible. The fiber optic in the front sight is set high in the sight to increase the light gathered by the fiber optic. It also gets the dot as high as possible, reducing sight alignment confusion since there is not a "heavy bar" above the dot. The sights are designed to shoot point of aim/point of impact, POA/POI, at 15 yards with full size and compact model Glock pistols, e.g. Glock 17, 19 and similar. The sights are designed to allow for one-handed manipulation of the slide from a belt, pants, or other surface. The rear sight has a punch inlay to assist in installation of the sight. Top shooters from around the world can attest to the superiority and competitive excellence of the TTI sights.

  • Taran Tactical Innovations Item number GSSF-004
  • RMR Co-Witness Height for Glock
  • Red and Green Fiber Optic Rods
  • POA/POI set at 15 yards
  • Front Sight is .315" tall and .124" wide
  • Rear Sight is.317" tall and .125" wide
  • POA/POI Optimized for Full-size and Compact Models

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