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North American Rescue Individual Trauma Aid Kit

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Part Number: RSRNAR85-0404
Brand: North American Rescue
North American Rescues compact, vacuum-sealed Individual Aid Kit is designed to treat bleeding from penetrating and other traumatic injuries. The items in this kit are simple to use by non-medically trained caregivers. The purpose of this kit is to control bleeding and cover penetrating injuries until medically trained responders arrive on scene...
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Designed especially for non-medically trained caregivers in the event of penetrating or other traumatic injuries, this kit contains the supplies necessary to begin controlling bleeding until trained responders arrive on the scene. It is vacuum packed and easy to open.

Specifications and Features:
Weight 6.6 oz
Vacuum packed

1x NAR Compressed Gauze
1x NAR 4" ETD
1x Petrolatum Gauze
1x 1" Surgical Tape
1x Bear Claw Glove kit, Large

The contents of this package may be changed without notice by the manufacturer.

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