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Nordic Components 12ga Shotgun Barrel Clamp Standard Black

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Part Number: RSRNCBCL-12
UPC: 816696021317
Brand: Nordic Components
The Nordic Components standard shotgun barrel clamp provides extra rigidity for your magazine extension. Each clamp half has a centrally-located 10-32 threaded hole to accept accessories, such as a sling stud, barrel clamp tac rail or QD sling mount. Designed for Nordic extension tubes (1.060" diameter)...
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Nordic Components offer you a high quality line of aftermarket accessories. The accessories that are offered are designed to work in conjunction with a variety of extremely popular modern firearms. Nordic Components is a company dedicated to bringing you high quality, high value accessories for a excellent price. This particular item is shotgun barrel clamp designed to fit most shotguns which use the Nordic extension with an Outside diameter of 1.06" .

Specifications and Features:
Nordic Components Shotgun Barrel Clamp BCL-12
Fits most shotguns when used with a Nordic Components Extension
Features 10-32 threaded hole for mounting Picatinny rails or other accessories
Not compatible with original Browning Auto-5 or similar shotguns with reciprocating barrel
Matte Black

Note: The shotgun barrel clamp makes contact with your barrel and may damage/wear the finish on your barrel with use. We recommend using masking tape applied to the inside of the clamp fingers that contact the barrel to alleviate finish wear. Because we have no control over the installation of this product, Nordic Components is not responsible for any resulting wear or damage. Do not apply anything to the clamp fingers that contact the magazine tube.

Standard clamp fits most shotguns when used with a Nordic Components Extension. Our tube has an OD of 1.06?
Not for use with Benelli Nova/SuperNova or Mossberg shotguns

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