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Maglula BabyUpLULA Pistol Magazine Loader .22 LR To .380 ACP Polymer Pink

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Part Number: RSRMLUP64P
UPC: 811619021016
Brand: Maglula ltd.
Since 2001" Maglula has manufactured professional military-grade tools for loading and unloading magazines. These products save valuable time at the range, field, armory and prevent pain associated with loading and unloading magazines. Features : Takes One-Third the Time of Thumb Loading, Durable Polymer Construction, Single Stack Narrow Body Magazines
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This Maglula BabyUpLULA is a military-quality universal pistol magazine loader/unloader for virtually all magazines from .22 Long Rifle up to .380 ACP calibers. This pocket-sized loader self-adjusts, capable of loading nearly all single-stack magazines which don't have a projecting side pin. The UpLULA magazine loader performs reliably and takes only a third of the time of manual loading. Even better, this tool makes reloading painless! Spend less time at the bench reloading and more time throwing rounds heading down range with a Magula BabyUpLULA pistol magazine loader.

  • Universal Pistol Magazine Loader
  • Designed To Load/Unload Single-Stack Narrow-Body Magazines
  • Loads And Unloads In 1/3 The Time Of Thumb Loading
  • No More Finger Pain During Loading
  • Material: Highly Durable Polymer Construction
  • Color: Pink

.22 LR/.25/.32/.380 ACP single-stack pistol mags of all manufacturers, with a width of less than 1/2" (including any side-button), and a regular/moderate lip angle

Compatible Magazine Brands:
  • .22 LR Magazines:
  • Beretta 21A Bobcat
  • Beretta M21 7rd
  • Beretta M87 8rd / 10rd
  • Bersa Thunder
  • Browning 1911-22
  • Chiappa (Loads well, cannot unload)
  • COLT / Walther
  • ISSC M22
  • Marlin .22 10rd Bolt Action 925, 975 (NOT Promag mag)
  • Mosberg 702
  • Mossberg Tactical 25rd
  • SIG Masquito 10rd
  • S&W / Walther (Fits tight)
  • S&W 41, 422, 622, 2206
  • S&W 2213, 2214
  • Taurus PT-22
  • Walther PP/PPKS
  • Walther TPH 6rd

.25 ACP Magazines:
  • Beretta M21 (May load with some difficulty, unloads well)
  • Beretta M950
  • Mauser
  • Walther 389M

.32 ACP Magazines:
  • Cobra FS-32 or FS 380
  • Colt
  • Kel Tec P-32
  • North American Arms
  • SeeCam
  • SIG (May load and unload with some difficulty)
  • Walther PPK/S SS

.380 ACP Magazines:
  • Beretta 1934
  • Beretta M85/86 8rd
  • Bersa Thunder 380 7rd
  • Cobra FS-32 or FS 380
  • Kel-Tec P3AT-36 6rd
  • Kimber Micro
  • Magnum Research
  • Ruger LCP
  • S&W Body Guard
  • SeeCamp
  • SIG .380 Auto
  • SIG P230/232
  • Star
  • Walther PPK
  • Walther PK380

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