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Global Emergency Gear Water Filter Kit, Purifies 30-35 Gallons/Day

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Part Number: RSRPSGEGK4X4
UPC: 702730548226
Brand: PS Products
In disastrous times this filter kit will keep you hydrated with clean water even from a lake, stream or tap. Clean and reuse the filter over 100 times. Features : 4″ Filter, Sock, Spigot & Instructions, Accepts water from floods, lakes, rain, wells, tap, rivers or streams, Filters approx...
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For an emergency water filtration system, use this Global Emergency Gear Water Filter Kit with two food-grade stackable containers (not included). This water filtration kit purifies clear or mostly clear water from rivers, lakes, rain, wells and more by removing bacteria, viruses,harmful chemicals and other contaminants. The ceramic element will remain effective for 8 months after activation, providing 30-35 gallons of filtered water per day.

Features and Specifications:
Filtration Output: Approx. 30-35 gal/day
Filtration Capability: Removes 99.999% Bacteria; Removes/Reduces Viruses; Removes Harmful Chemicals Such As Fluoride And Arsenic; Removes Other Contaminants
Water Type: Accepts Water From Floods, Lakes, Rain, Wells, Tap, Rivers Or Streams
Filter Life: Remains Effective For 8 Months After Activation

Filtration Method: Silver-Impregnated Ceramic Filter, 0.2 Microns
Can Be Cleaned 100+ Times With Soft Brush Or Damp Cloth

Kit Includes:
4" x 4" Water Filter
Filter Sock
Spigot Kit
Rubber Band

Confirmed Effective By FDA Registered Laboratory
Unlimited Shelf Life Before Activation
Easy Installation

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