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Ghost Standard Trigger and Spring Kit For GLOCK STD

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Part Number: RSRGHSTD
UPC: 644406909460
Brand: Ghost Inc.
Fine tune your trigger pull, feel and weight all in one kit. This is the perfect trigger kit for defense or competition. Features : Drop-in Design, Target/Sport or Defense Configurations, Polished 3.5lb Connector
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Ghost Inc. has combined their polished 3.5 LB. Drop-in Connector Trigger with a Wolff 4.0 LB. firing pin spring, a Wolff 6.0 LB. trigger spring and a Wolff reduced power firing pin safety spring in a kit. These combinations will give you the lightest smoothest drop-in trigger assembly you can buy! And you save some money! Not for self defense if you use the Wolff 4.0 lb Firing Pin Spring. If you want to use for self Defense or in a 10mm/45 caliber Glock use the Wolff 6.0 lb firing pin spring.


One trigger
Three springs 

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