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GG&G Remington 870/1100/1187 12 Gauge Shotguns Quick Detach Rear Sling Mount Attachment Point

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Part Number: RSRGGG1399
UPC: 813157003080
Brand: GG&G, Inc.
All products that carry the GG&G brand are proudly made in the USA and guaranteed. GG&G has established a reputation among sporting, military, and law enforcement customers as a manufacturer of premium-grade tactical accessories. Features : Made in the USA, Manufactured to withstand the rigors associated with professional use
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For over a decade, GG&G has become one of the world's acknowledged leaders in the design and manufacture of civilian, military, and law enforcement optical mounting systems and tactical accessories. GG&G combines innovative designs with the highest standards of manufacturing in order to match the demanding mission requirements of its customers. All GG&G weapon accessories are finished to Mil-Spec, and you can rest assured that all parts are made right here in the USA by proud American's.

GG&G Remington Quick Detach Rear Sling Mount GGG-1399
Compact & easy to install
Designed and manufactured to withstand the rigors associated with professional use
Can be used with a two point sling set up or as a single point sling attachment
When used as an 870 QD Single Point Sling Attachment, it allows the operator to mount the weapon on either the primary or offside shoulder. As a result, during dynamic entries it becomes easier to "cut the pie" at doorways and move around corners, whether they are on the right side or left side, without telegraphing the operator's position. In addition, slings attached to a single point mount work especially well when operators are deployed wearing body armor or are involved in breaching operations
Provides a side Quick Detach Remington 870 sling mount
With just a push of the QD button, unsling your Remington 870 shotgun for tactical flexibility
Includes Enhanced Heavy Duty Quick Detach Sling Swivel
QD Sling Swivel accommodates up to 1 1/4" slings
Remington 870 Rear Sling Attachment includes Limited Rotation Sling Swivel feature to help eliminate sling wrap up
All edges have been dehorned for shooters safety
Made In America
Overall Weight 2.0oz
Matte Black

Remington 870/1100/1187 12 Gauge Shotguns

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