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FAB-Defense AR-15 Pistol Grip Polymer FDE

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Part Number: RSRFABFX-AG43T
UPC: 7290105944795
Brand: F.A.B.
The AG-43 State-of-the Art Pistol Grip enhances grip control, reduces slipping and wrist fatigue, and improves overall control during firing sequences. Additional features include ergonomic finger grooves, an extended beavertail backstrap and a storage compartment inside the grip. Features : Extended beaver tail, Storage compartment, Fits AR rifles
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Since its inception, FAB-Defense has been leading development and manufacturing of the highest quality, cutting-edge tactical equipment and weapon accessories for the State of Israel's Military and Police. In addition, their R&D department works in collaboration with Special Forces and SWAT teams worldwide to design creative, ability enhancing, no-nonsense solutions to the ongoing dynamic challenges met in the field. FAB-Defense superior ergonomics, functionality and durability, reflects decades of design experience through continuous improvement and successive generations of weapon accessories.

The FAB-Defense AG-43 state-of-the art AR-15 Pistol Grip enhances grip control, reduces slipping and wrist fatigue, improving overall control during firing. This aftermarket replacement grip features finger grooves, extended beavertail and a built in storage compartment.

Specifications and Features:
FAB-Defense AR-15 Pistol Grip
Ergonomic non-slip design
Finger grooves and backstrap shape for enhanced, more comfortable grip
Extended beavertail enables higher, firmer hold, for superior weapon handling
Readily accessible storage compartment with tight-sealing hinged door

AR-15 or similar lower receivers

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