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Elzetta Bravo 2-Cell Light: Model B333 650-Lumen High/Low Tailcap

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Part Number: ELZ-B333
Brand: Elzetta
Elzetta Bravo 2-Cell Light: Model B333 650-Lumen High/Low Tailcap
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Elzetta Bravo (2-Cell) Modular Flashlight with Crenellated Bezel, 650-lumen AVS/High Output Head, and High/Low Tail Cap.

Model B333 is our best selling Modular Flashlight and for good reason.  It projects a sizzling 650 lumens or a more manageable 15 lumens; whichever you choose whenever you Choose.  Its unique High-Low Tailcap selects the output level with a simple twist of the Tailcap; no multiple clicks required.  The Standard TIR Lens provides a perfectly balanced “soft-edge” beam while the Crenellated Bezel Ring ensures you will never be left defenseless. 

Model B333 out-sells all other configurations.  Our most popular model takes our flagship High Output AVS Head, adds an aggressive Crenellated Bezel Ring and an super-convenient High-Low Tailcap and creates the ultimate tactical flashlight that can be carried every day (if you are not already carrying a flashlight every day, check out our blog post on the subject).

Operation is simple.  The push-button controls on/off while rotation of the Tailcap selects the mode.  Screw the Tailcap all the way on for full output or loosen it a bit (anywhere from a few degrees to 1/4 turn) for low-mode.  The mode may be selected whether the Light is on or off.  (See a demonstration of this unique and intuitive system in our blog post on User Interface.)  Select ‘High’ and 650 lumens are steadily discharged with a runtime of 1.5 hours.  In ‘Low’ output is reduced to 15 lumens and runtime is extended to an amazing 60 hours.

The Crenellated Bezel Ring not only looks mean, it provides a strike implement should an adversary get too personal.  The scalloped edges, while not sharp enough to cause injury during normal handling, act as a hole saw when rotated aggressively into the flesh.  The massive 7/8-inch-thick optical lens provides the necessary durability for smacking said adversary’s skull while providing amazing beam quality.  Two CR123A batteries (included) supply power.  Fully potted electronics, a critical feature other manufacturers skip, keep circuit boards and solder joints sealed and locked in place for over-the-top durability.  

Made in the USA.  Guaranteed forever.

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