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Elzetta Bravo 2-Cell Light: Model B332 650-Lumen Click Tailcap

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Part Number: ELZ-B332
Brand: Elzetta
Elzetta Bravo 2-Cell Light: Model B332 650-Lumen Click Tailcap
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Elzetta Bravo (2-Cell) Modular Flashlight with Crenellated Bezel, 650-lumen AVS/High Output Head, and Click Tail Cap.

Model B332 throws an impressive 650 lumens with a mere push of the button on the simple Click Tailcap.  The substantial TIR lens provides unsurpassed beam quality with a “soft-edge” while the Crenellated Bezel Ring is ever vigilant to keep threats at bay.

Model B332 fits an aggressive Crenellated Bezel Ring to our High Output AVS Head and controls operation with a simple Click Tailcap.  There are no secondary modes and on/off is achieved via the push-button which operates like a common ballpoint pen only silently.  It puts out a steady 650 lumens with an optimum balance of throw and spill through its standard 7/8-inch thick optical lens (no reflector).  The beam quality produced by the optical lens beats any reflector-based flashlight on the market and the durability advantage is extreme.  Runtime is rated at 1.5 hours from two fresh CR123A batteries (included).  Fully potted electronics, another essential Elzetta advantage, mean circuit boards and solder joints are sealed and secure.  

Manufactured in the USA.  Lifetime warranty.

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