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Elftmann Tactical ELF 700 SE Trigger Black Shoe/Safety No Bolt Release

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Part Number: RSRELF700-B-CL
UPC: 736902489895
Brand: Elftmann Tactical
High quality components and precise manufacturing make Elftmann Tactical parts ideal for maintaining and upgrading firearms. The durability, reliability and excellent build quality of these parts will ensure years of service you can count on. Features : Precise Manufacturing, Long Term Reliability, Durable Construction
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Elftmann Tactical is a firearms accessories innovator. Their first product to market was the AR-15 Dual Trigger (D-TR), a first-of-its-kind accessory for the AR-15 (or any firearm, for that matter). Followed by a broad range of high quality gun accessories, Elftmann Tactical is positioned as a leader in innovative solutions for the gun enthusiast, military, and law enforcement markets.

The ELF 700 Precision Rifle Trigger is the pinnacle of drop-in trigger systems for the Remington 700 and clone precision rifles. Designed with an externally adjustable pull weight, it is infinitely adjustable from less than 2oz to over 5lbs. The adjustment screw is located just next to the bolt release and can easily be adjusted between shots. This trigger has the incredible feel and crisp break that ELF triggers are known for even at the highest weight. One of the unique and proprietary features of this trigger, three aerospace grade bearings are key to the consistency and smoothness of the pull. Because the bearings are a pressed fit with a pressed fit shaft pressed into a billet housing, there is absolutely no play in any components. Another proprietary technology is a 6 to 1 ratio roller bearing pivot arm that effectively eliminates any variation in set pull weight regardless of firing spring tension. Other features include an over-sized safety knob and an innovative internal bolt release mechanism which is optional if you are installing in a clone rifle. The trigger shoe is aluminum, easily adjustable, and will be available curved or flat.

Pull Weight: Less Than 2oz to Over 5 lbs
Crisp Break at Even Highest Weight
Oversized Safety Knob
No Play
No Internal Bolt Release Black

Remington 700 and Clones

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