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Elftmann Tactical AR-15 Service Drop In Curved Trigger Adjustable Red/Black

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UPC: 736902490068
Brand: Elftmann Tactical
The ELF Drop-In Service Trigger has been built for law enforcement and military duty. The amazingly short take-up, glass-rod crisp break and next to zero over-travel can be compared to the finest custom 1911 triggers. Adjustability puts you in charge based on your preference...
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Elftmann Tactical is a firearms accessories innovator. Their first product to market was the AR-15 Dual Trigger (D-TR), a first-of-its-kind accessory for the AR-15 (or any firearm, for that matter). Followed by a broad range of high quality gun accessories, Elftmann Tactical is positioned as a leader in innovative solutions for the gun enthusiast, military, and law enforcement markets.

The Elftmann AR-15 Service trigger is designed to meet the needs of the shooter who relies on a rifle in tactical or defensive situations. This curved trigger features an adjustable pull from 4 to 7 pounds and has a short pull with a crisp break and very short reset, allowing for faster follow-up shots. The trigger is skeletonized, with a full power hammer spring that insures proper ignition of the primer. Installation is drop-in and simple. It fits any MIL-SPEC AR-15 and is absolutely drop safe regardless of pull weight. The assembly is made of aircraft aluminum and hardened steel and is designed for rugged, trouble free use.

Manufacturer Number: SERVICE-C
Elftmann Tactical AR-15 Service Drop In Curved Trigger Adjustable Red/Black
Absolutely Drop-Safe regardless of pull-weight
Adjustable from 4lbs to 7lbs without removing from lower
Exclusive double double wound hammer spring and heavy hammer ensure proper ignition of any ammunition
Very short pull and reset allows for rapid follow up shots and greater accuracy
Sturdy trigger assembly designed for rugged, trouble-free use
Made of lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum and hardened steel
Unique design of disconnect allows full 1/4” width eliminating possibility of wear and double-firing
High performance trigger and hammer needle bearings for smoother and faster firing
Skeletonized Curved trigger
Color: Red/Black

all mil-spec lower receivers

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