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Crimson Trace Laserguard Kahr Arms 9mm and .40 S&W Red Laser 1x 1/3N Lithium Battery

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Part Number: RSRCMTLG437
UPC: 610242000647
Brand: Crimson Trace Corporation
The LG-437* laser sight for Kahr Arms 9mm and .40 pistols provides an instinctive front-activation point that engages with your natural firing grip. Simply hold the weapon normally and the Laserguard(R)* activates, placing a bright red dot where the gun is aimed...
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When it comes to laser aiming devices Crimson Trace has a loyal following that any company would be envious to have. With over 17 years of experience, Crimson Trace can be found on the firearms of Law Enforcement, Military, and Lawful Citizens world wide. Crimson Trace lights and lasers are the undisputed bench mark that all others are judged against. Crimson Trace puts you on target faster for more accurately placed shots.

The LG-437 Laserguard for the Kahr Arms 9mm/.40S&W polymer framed pistols give you the advantage that only a Crimson Trace laser sight can provide. Front activated by an overmolded pressure switch, the LG-437 features Crimson Trace's Instinctive Activation, which means that the laser is activated when the gun is held in a natural firing grip.

Specifications and Features:
Crimson Trace Laserguard LG-437
Trigger Guard Mounted
Front Activation
Pressure Activated
620-670nm Class 3R Laser
Laser Output: 5mW Red Laser
Battery Type: 1x 1/3N Lithium Battery or 2x 375 Silver Oxide Batteries
Over Four Hours of Battery Life
Factory Sighted at 50'
Dot Size: Approximately .50" at 50' Laser Visibility: Approximately .5 Inch Diameter at 50 Feet
User Adjustable Windage and Elevation
User Installed
Three Year Limited Warranty
Black Polymer with Rubber Overmold

Kahr Arms 9mm and .40 S&W Polymer Frame Pistols
P9, PM9, P40, PM40, CW9, CW40, PT9 and TP40

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