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CMMG AR-15 Parts Survival Kit

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Part Number: RSRCMMG55AFFB4
UPC: 815835012018
Brand: CMMG
High quality components and precise manufacturing make CMMG parts ideal for maintaining and upgrading firearms. The durability, reliability and excellent build quality of these parts will ensure years of service you can count on. Features : Precise Manufacturing, Long Term Reliability, Durable Construction
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CMMG's AR-15 survival kit is packed with small parts that can be easily lost or damaged under certain circumstances, and allows you to buy all of those parts in a group rather than individually for convenience and savings.

Cam Pin
Two Carrier Key Screws
Disconnector Spring
Ejector Spring
Ejector Roll Pin
Extractor Spring with Buffer
Extractor Pin
Firing Pin
Firing Pin Retaining Pin
Three Gas Rings
Hammer Spring and Pivot Pin
Safety Spring and Detent
Takedown Pin, Front
Takedown Pin, Rear
Two Takedown Pin Detents
Two Takedown Pin Detent Springs
Trigger Spring and Pivot

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