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Birchwood Casey Handgun Cleaning Kit

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UPC: 888151026298
Brand: Birchwood Casey
Tired of dirt, grease, and oil building up in your handgun? Experience easier cleaning with the lightweight, durable, and heavy-duty Birchwood Casey Handgun Cleaning Kit! This multi-caliber cleaning kit features 16 pieces and a multi-functional, long-lasting plastic case...
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The Birchwood Casey Handgun Cleaning kit features all the essentials you need to keep your handguns clean while on the go. This kit is compact but includes everything you require.


  • Handgun kit includes 8 cleaning pieces
  • Comprehensive firearm cleaning components
  • Reusable hard case with organize tray

Kit Includes:

  • Custom handle
  • 1  Dual end nylon cleaning brush
  • 2  Brass cleaning rod
  • 4  Bore Brushes  Cal- .22, .357/.38/ 9mm, .40, .45
  • 4  Brass Jag  Cal- .22, .357/.38/9mm, .40, .45
  • 25  1.5”X 3” patches
  • 2  plastic slotted tip
  • 1  Self Adhesive Magnetic Strip

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