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Birchwood Casey Dirty Bird Rapid Fire 6" Round Targets

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Part Number: RSRBC35504
UPC: 029057355048
Brand: Birchwood Casey
Birchwood Casey is the name you know and trust when it comes to targets. They offer high quality, affordable products made for serious shooters and beginners alike. Whether youre heading to the range for a day of fun with family and friends, or getting some practice in before your next competition, Birchwood Casey has the targets you need...
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White splatter appears upon bullet impact so you can immediately spot each shot, non-adhesive back can be affixed to your target or backstop and saved for future reference, much better than standard paper targets and highly visible, fun to shoot and easy on the wallet!

Dirty Bird 5.5" Round 12 Sheets, 48 Targets, black, white, and red

  • 48 Five and a half inch round targets, 12 Sheets with 4 targets per sheet.

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