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Battle Arms Development EKG AK Trigger Kit Stamped AK-47/AK-74 Single Hook Design Black

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Part Number: RSRBAD-EKG
UPC: 810033783807
Brand: Battle Arms Development, Inc.
The Battle Arms Development EKG AK Trigger Kit is the perfect trigger to put in your AK rifle. This battle-ready trigger will ensure a clean crisp break, zero trigger slap, and a short, smooth, and positive reset. This trigger kit comes complete with a hammer, trigger, disconnector, disconnector spring, and axis pin sleeve. Battle Arms Development, Inc. (B.A.D. Inc...
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Battle Arms Development is excited to bring their high quality upgrades typically built for AR platforms to fans of the AK. This particular piece of kit is for anyone who owns a stamped receiver AK-47/AK-74 with maximum compatibility with most standard production firearms. This trigger features a single hook design along with a durable black phosphate finish.

  • Battle Arms Development BAD-EKG
  • AK Trigger Kit
  • Maximum compatibility with most standard production AK patterned firearms
  • Enhanced hammer geometry to eliminate that "hump" feel when charging the AK, to give you that smooth custom feel
  • Thru-harden steel (no softcore) HRC 42-45
  • Due to proper heat treat, this minimizes internal wear or mushrooming the back of the carrier from over hardened hammers
  • Two raised dimples on the back to allow for an easy index of hammer spring
  • Made in the USA for 922r compliance 3 Pieces (Hammer, Trigger, Disconnector)
  • Comfortable trigger shoe
  • Distinctive trigger bow design
  • Clean crisp break (compare to standard mil-spec)
  • Short, smooth, and positive reset
  • No Trigger Slap
  • Single Hook Design
  • Black Phosphate Finish
  • Stamped AK47 and AK74 variants
  • May work in additional variants, however, BATTLEARMS cannot guarantee proper fit and function in other platforms. These triggers may require fitment to work properly in other platforms. Any modified triggers CANNOT be refunded or exchanged
Note: Note: Does NOT come with trigger or hammer springs.

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