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Agency Arms Drop-In Trigger, .45 ACP/10 mm

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Part Number: RSRAGEDIT2-45-B
UPC: 713717025326
Brand: Agency Arms
High quality components and precise manufacturing make Agency Arms parts ideal for maintaining and upgrading firearms. The durability, reliability and excellent build quality of these parts will ensure years of service you can count on. Features : Precise Manufacturing, Long Term Reliability, Durable Construction
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Agency Arms is excited to introduce it's new Drop-In Flat Faced Trigger. This trigger is meant to be used as an improvement to factory GLOCK triggers. The Agency Arms Drop-In Trigger has an incredibly short and crisp reset, while maintaining a smooth overall travel. The Trigger shoe is made from aluminum and this kit is compatible with all generations of the GLOCK models listed below.

Agency Arms DIT-45-B
Drop In Flat Faced Trigger
.45 ACP/10mm Auto Model
Aluminum Flat Shoe
OEM Polished Trigger Bar
Short Crisp Reset with Smooth Overall Travel
Matte Black

All Generations of GLOCK 21/20 models

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