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Advantage Arms GLOCK 17/22 Gen 4 22 LR Conversion Kit Black

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Part Number: RSRAAC17-22G4
UPC: 094308000121
Brand: Advantage Arms
Convert your Glock into a .22 or with an Advantage Arms conversion kit. Advantage Arms Glock Conversion Kit is Advantage Arms most accurate conversion kit for Glock. Features : Adjustable sights, Last round lock open, 30 second installation, 1 year factory direct warranty
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Convert your Gen 4 GLOCK 17 or 22 to fire .22 Long Rifle with this conversion kit from Advantage Arms. Train or plink with inexpensive ammo and little to no recoil. The kit includes a slide assembly with barrel, magazine, and magazine loader. Shoot longer and more often! This also makes your GLOCK a great pistol for introducing a new shooter to the sport.

Specifications and Features
Advantage Arms AAC17-22G4
Converts pistol to .22 Long Rifle

Fits: GLOCK 17 or 22 Gen 4

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