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2A Armament AR-15/AR-10 Carbine Length Stainless Steel Gas Tube Natural Finish

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Part Number: RSR2A-SSGTCL-1
UPC: 850003595061
Brand: 2A Armament
High quality components and precise manufacturing make 2A parts ideal for maintaining and upgrading firearms. The durability, reliability and excellent build quality of these parts will ensure years of service you can count on. Features : Precise Manufacturing, Long Term Reliability, Durable Construction
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A quality gas tube at an affordable price sometimes might feel like a tall order but fear not as 2A Armament has you covered with this carbine length gas tube designed for AR-15/AR-10 platforms. This gas tube is made from stainless steel and features a natural finish stainless steel finish. 2A Armament is a US based company with their roots dug in firmly into within the great state of Idaho.

The gas tube is one of the most critical parts on a direct gas impingement system AR system. The gas tube is the vehicle that returns siphoned gas from off the gas port sending it back into the action in order to cycle the action. Additionally this particular gas tube comes standard with a roll pin which will allow you to quickly complete the installation process.

Cheaper Than Dirt is proud to offer 2A Armament AR parts and accessories at the best prices you'll find online. Be sure to check back on our website often, as we're always putting new 2A Armament AR parts and accessories in stock.

  • 2A Armament 2A-SSGTCL-1
  • AR-15/AR-10 Gas Tube
  • Carbine Length
  • Made to Military Specifications
  • Product of Idaho
  • Made in the USA
  • Made from Stainless Steel
  • Natural Finish
  • Gas Tube
  • Roll Pin
  • Mil-Spec AR-15/AR-10 and similar pattern clones

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